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“The long journal of 8888 to 2021”

Honest Information (HI)

Ma A Tar Linn was sitting on the boat and gazing at the wave. That young lady on the boat she got the dream that she will work as a nurse after her matriculation examination. She stopped all of her dream after she saw the brutality and atrocity of military on those protestors who were calling for the democracy in Burma by the time of 1988 uprising in Myanmar. Ma A Tar Linn who want to be a nurse instead she went to the liberated area as she wanted to join the movement to eradicate the military junta.

“Why the military junta killed the young innocent students, therefore I decided to fight them back and left to the Jungle” Daw A Tar Linn mentioned her memory from the past 30 years.

After 33 years past, in year 2021, there are more women brave leaders come out under this current pro-democracy movement again. Since the military coup happened on the 1st   day of February 2021, most of the women have gone to the liberated area to fight against the military brutalization.

There are different ages and situation between two generation but their common goal remain the same, to end the military dictatorship. Women from Myanmar never left behind in order to the revolution and in this spring revolution as well, we can see the leading role.

The Women activity took responsibility in all kinds of activities such as banging the pot, taking the security role for the safety of ward and village. While the military junta made the brutal crackdown against the peaceful protests, the young women were even took role as a shield in the frontline to protect the peaceful protesters. Those are also women who went to jungle and joined the military activities to fight back the military dictatorship.

Htar Htet Htet, a beauty queen is one of among those people who went to the jungle to eradicate the military junta  and she is one of the lady who made the public disclosure that she is in the revolutionary area to end the military junta.

Htar Htet Htet competed as Miss Myanmar Grand International at Miss Grand International which was held in Thailand in 2013 and she is also one of the acrobat athletes.  

Htar Htet Htet has been participating as one of the pro-democracy protestors since the early week of February, and then she was under the warrant list. She got to the military training into the liberated area in April.

She regularly had to join the training from 4:00 AM to 7:00 PM for the essential skill, she mentioned in the International Media Interview with her.

Htar Htet Htet mentioned that she has been struggling a lot and she does not even have the proper foods in the jungle but she has determined to keep going with the activity as she wants to save the life of people from the oppression of military.

“ We only have main common goals that we shall eradicate this 60 year term of military dictatorship in our generation and I will also be here at the last of the fight to win ”  Htar Htar Htet claimed.

Like Htar Htet Htet, there are so many women participated in the different sectors as they can do in the respective provinces of People Defense Force.

On the earliest of May, we also saw one of a female defense force picture on the Chinland Defense Force who participated and fought against the military junta as the earliest group among Defense Forces.

Through February to July, there are thousands of women who have been sacrificing their life, fallen down and have been detained in terms of speaking out to restore back the democracy in Myanmar.

By seeing these things, it is being witnessed that women are participating in the journey to end military junta like men. 

In the current revolution, we can see how women have been participating actively to end the military dictatorship, as the similar participation of Daw A Tar Linn who was participated in the last 30 year to end the military junta. On the journey of revolution, it was not that easy as they were expected.

“What I thought was we shall learn the war training within the short time and we shall fight back soon, we will have to return to home after that, with this sprit and I hopefully went to the jungle. And I could realize more the atrocity of military junta and I heard the feeling of civilians in the jungle. In terms of that, I determined that I will only return back until we get the success” Daw A Tar Linn said.

When I got to the jungle, I had to struggle to have the proper foods and I also suffered the malaria ill, besides we started our training with the situation of not even having the uniform. Under the sunstroke of the days, we had to attend the training and we had to pass our days by finding the rare fruits in the Jungle.

When we started attending, I could completely overcome the ill from malaria and I had to attend the training once when I got to feel better.

“I had previously thought that the malaria ill was really terrifying problem but I got to realize it was nothing once I got to overcome it.” Said Daw A Tar Linn.  

They have to survive to live in the big field under the bad weather, hot temperature of sunshine without foods.

“I clear the ground, build the compound, prepared the proper area for the military training” said Daw Nwe Yee who is one of the experience on military training in the jungle.

Aside from the bad malaria ill, they were also facing such as not having the enough drugs to cure scabies and the skin diseases.  

Daw Nwe Yee also shared her experiences that she only got one blanket and suffering the cold of Daw Na Mountain’s freezing weather.  

In the training, Man and Women had to take the equal responsibilities for cooking and practicing based on the different group.

“ As I was a young person , I was really happy with the new comrade and new experiences besides nobody even joked in terms of being girl and they helped and looked after each other’s” mentioned by Daw Nwe Yee.

I normally had to attend the physical training and I also had to learn with the theory approach as well.

”As a girl, I was challenged with running and crawling but it was just that and I could do as I had a full of desires to do it ” said Daw Nwe Yee.

Daw Nwe Yee , she personally felt  so down when she thought about her home as her home was being raided and she also lost the connection with her home.

“In the Jungle, I could stay strong physically and mentally as I had a strong dedication that we shall definitely end the military dictatorship, that is why I could keep stay strong” said Daw New Yee .

“We want to overcome with the military dictatorship and had a strong perseverance to end the Junta with the serious mind, I could pass most of my difficulties” said Daw A Tar Linn.

“In this spring revolution, for many women who want to go to the jungle to join the military training need to  think ahead, prepare for the best stamina resistance and strong enough to take care of themselves” mentioned by person who those have experiences with military training.

“There are so many difficulties in everywhere but I am sure we should have the strong perseverance to over come” mentioned by Daw A Tar Linn with the full of shining energy in her eye.

“We cannot fight once we are just done with the training and we do know how to use the gun as the warship is really difficult but we need to be capable with our intelligence and physicality to win over. And I also realized that we can win if we have the unity. Therefore I would remind that we can make the battle once we are known well how to use the gun” said Daw A Tar Linn.

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