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The moment of “Mother’s Day” in Myanmar

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International Mother’s Day is an important occasion that falls on the second Sunday of May every year, and on that day people make special attention to their mother to show their great love and Celebrated as a dayto honor mothers, honoring the mother of the family or individual.

People may celebrate together with their mother and make a memorable moment such as having a good time together and having food together in other countries. But in Myanmar, mothers and daughters lost the opportunity to celebrate this year’s of mother’s day due to the situation of the military coup in the country. 

In this spring revolution, many children were killed by the military as they participated in the strikes, and even as young as five years old innocent child was brutally shot and killed while they were playing or staying at home.

Some mothers did not have a chance to see their child’s dead body for the last moment; they have left with tears and feel sorry. Pregnant women were detained during the anti-military coup demonstration.

Lost each other is not only happened on mother but also fall into a very young child. 

Some mothers had been moving around to find a safe place and left their children behind. Mothers and babies escape into the jungle and cross the mountain, the pregnant mother giving birth in the jungle. 

Some did not die nor hid in the jungle for their safety but feel grieving for the daughter. One of them is Ma Khin Nyein Thu’s mother. Ma Khin Nyein Thu was detained by the military on April 17th at Yankin Township, Yangon. She was detained with other five young people and military’s media announced that six of them are terrorists and found handmade explosion materials from them. Their photos publically came out on social media showing that they were brutally tortured as their image different after detained situation. 

While her mother saw the photos of Ma Khin Nyein Thu on social media, she feels deeply sad. “As the being of the mother, in this case, I think no one should be suffering from this kind of terrible feeling, so I wish other mothers do not face the situation as me,” she said. 

She is still worrying for her daughter Ma Khin Nyein Thu and is still not allowed to see her and also can’t even send the personal use to her.

Women, Youth and Children Affair of National Unity Government (NUG) announced on April 29th that they strongly condemned the military council interrogated sexual harassment, and brutally assault the detained women. 

NUG pressed they have received the many complaints about that sexual harassment and will gather evidence more and make sure to bring justice for the survivors and will continue to do the investigation. 

Like Ma Khin Nyein Thu‘s mother, many mothers have been worrying about their daughter who has been detained in jail could face sexual harassment and assault.

Anyhow, most of mothers in the country did not ask their daughter to stop participation in the anti-coup strikes and activities because the mothers believe that the thing of what their daughter doing is right. 

Ma Phoo Phoo and her mother stand on the same line for their same ambition. After the country was taken by the military, Ma Phoo Phoo actively joined in the strikes every day and she did join in the front line of the strikes, organized, plan for day to day activities with the strike committee.

Ma Phoo Phoo had to hide and moving around at night time to avoid arrest and stop contacting with the family. Ma Phoo Phoo worried for her mother who is staying in the village during that time. She wanted to make a call to her mother but she worries as her mother is very active in politics and does not make her get in trouble from contacting. Her mother did the village-level political campaigns for the NLD during the past 2020 election as well. 

“After getting in contact with my mom, I know she is ok and I also feel ok. Then, I gain more concentrate about how to do action against the military.” Ma Phoo Phoo said.

On the way to finding the truth and democracy, the mothers who stayed at home were waiting for their children to return home safely, praying for the safety of their children, and taking supporting roles as much as they could. 

Many daughters are also worrying for their mothers, and Ma Thal Thal is one of them. Daw Lal Lal Win was detained by the military for doing the action of hitting the pots against the military and as well as having the NLD party flag in the house. She was charged with Act: 505 A and is not allowed to meet with her family. Ma Thal Thal is quite worried for her mother as the mother has suffered from stomach disease and Hypertension.

“If my mother back, I want to make a birthday party for her. I want to reunite three of our family” said with tears in her eyes. 

Triangle Women’s Organization founder Ma Khin Lay said “There is no rule of law in Myanmar and these illegal acts cannot be relied upon by local law. Now we can’t do anything but must record with detailed evidence so that one day we can take the action with the international laws for past violation”

Mothers lost their children under this brutal military dictatorship, Mothers worried for their children who are detained in the prison, Mothers lost their lives in the front line during the revolution and left the kid behind, and pregnant women involved in the CDM movement face more difficulties. Not like Mothers in other countries, Mothers in Myanmar suffered from pain, loss, worry, and live with grieving. Not a happy Mother’s day to be celebrated, but Mothers from all over the country deserve to be honored as heroes on this International Mother’s Day.

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