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  • Education is Not for Hijacked

    by webmaster

    “Regardless of being a CDM or Non-CDM, they are subject to arrest. And as a consequence, a generation may or will become uneducated.

  • A female artist who wants to talk about women

    by webmaster

    “When a female artist becomes successful, she becomes defined as an object, whether it’s physical or not. There are some people who don’t see her as a good person and want to justify the rest of the content, such as something that is beautiful, and then because she is young and a girl, they don’t pay attention to her creative efforts.”

  • The road from a refugee camp to a champ

    by webmaster

    “The only thing that I worry about is, there is no field for my football practice. Luckily, as the refugee camp is on the school field, it has become my soccer field.”

  • The great sacrifice of mothers in the revolution

    by webmaster

    “If some mothers are not able to send parcels as a consequence of business or social affairs, mothers who are able to send parcels tend to share their stuff with others—it is a sort of mother’s loving-kindness.”

  • Who enlightened by their better halves

    by webmaster

    “I don’t want to be caught in the hands of the army. We could not guess their attitude if we fell into their hands. We may be killed for telling others that we are detained. So we could not fall into the hands of the army and run away”.

  • The empathy of Nwe Aye Sunni Jame Mosque

    by webmaster

    “With the increasing difficulties of people’s daily meals, some families can be seen with no meal for breakfast as well as for dinner. Those kinds of people are abundant in the ward; thus, we are helping them as much as we can.”

  • Those who carved the future of Nyaung-Shwe

    by webmaster

    “As the children regularly pick up garbage, Nyang Shwe town is litter-free, and thanks to it, some quarters and roads are clean and no litter, and residents of the town have started throwing away their garbage systematically”.

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